The Magnificent Chassis

by Bryan Devane

The players are each members of the Pan-Galactic first responder force Albatross. They’ve been called by the people of a backwater village on the planet Cantare to intervene in an attack. The bandit Santana has formed an uneasy alliance with the mercenary Elise in the hopes of taking the villager’s middling wealth. Santana has no motivation to d... continue reading

Who Hoots for Who?

D&D 5e
by Brian Caball

Owlbears attacking outlying villages? Pillaging them for food? They have rarely attacked before, and never in such numbers. We cannot allow them to disturb the Autumn Harvest festival. Fortunately a group of brave adventurers have stepped forward to get to the bottom of this hooting menace and put a stop to it, before every picnic basket in the ... continue reading

The Opened Barrow

Beyond the Wall
by Sean Leaney

An ancient king’s barrow stands just outside the village where you grew up. Someone has disturbed this ancient burial mound, and brought the world of the dead uncomfortably close to the living. With the adults of the village afraid to go near the barrow, it falls to you and your friends, young and untested, to drive away this long-buried danger.... continue reading

Fantasy, coming-of-age, undead, villagers, beginner-friendly

Silhouettes and Alcohol

Seven Rivers
by Rowland

Legends tell of powerful mages who roamed the world thousands of years ago, liberating, subjugating and laying waste. Whatever they wanted, they could do. Whatever they desired, they could have. But then everything changed. No-one knows why, but magic doesn’t work any more. Maybe it never did. But then some travellers arrived… you overhear their... continue reading

Righteous Fiends

Crucible: Dark Ages
by James Lloyd-Jones

For ten generations your people have fought and died to protect your god, who lies sleeping beneath the high temple, dreaming of the rebirth of the world. You are the latest in a lineage of warrior-priests; gifted with living armour, biomagical grafts, and intense training to fulfill Her commands. And now you are entrusted with your first holy ... continue reading

Original Sins

Chronicles of Darkness
by James Lloyd-Jones

Police in El Paso, Texas are currently holding a Bureau asset on suspicion of terrorist conspiracy. It is crucial that we retrieve this individual before the existence of the Bureau is revealed or the local PD have a chance to talk to the press about them. They have vital information on the activity of Jewel Priests infiltrating the USA and we h... continue reading

One Last Bash

Stars Without Numbers
by Jamie Bowden

“Right lads, the Emperor’s off world to deal with that first rebellion, and all this news of Bread Riots is making me peckish; party at my place while we wait out the crowds? I’ve got a pick up to follow up so we’ll be off planet by the time those other rebels arrive! I mean; the economy’s gone to hell after the currency’s all been forged and ri... continue reading

Sci-fi, rebellion

One for the Road

Cyberpunk 2020
by Dave M. Hayes

Being a dead person is not so bad. It is in fact somewhat liberating. Ryse Corp thought it would be a good idea to release their nerve damage cure without testing properly and now 40,000 people are going to flatline in the most painful of ways. You are all one of them. But you are different - you are all Edge Runners. You all have special skills... continue reading

Mage the Ascension 20: Isaac Newton Must Die

Storyteller System (d10 Dicepool)
by Tadhg MacCionnaith

It’s the 1920s, and in the aftermath of the great war the Technocracy (a brutal and oppressive organisation of super-scientists) has begun consolidating global power. Only the Mystic Traditions truly stand against them to keep magic in the world, a battle they’ve been losing since the Renaissance. Rumor has it that a respected and powerful Tech... continue reading

Heist, Mature, Magic, Teamwork, Conspiracy, Urban Fantasy

Let's Try Microscope

Microscope Fractal
by Tadhg MacCionnath

A chance for beginners to give the Microscope Worldbuilding system a try, as well as an introduction to fractal RPGs more broadly. What kind of world can the minds of the players create? What histories will they tell? continue reading

World Building


D&D 5e
by Ry

“In hushed whispers down darkened alleyways, from drunken lips in dingy taverns, on torn flyers forgotten or discarded … you have all heard the same word: Hyperion. Maybe it was a question, a suggestion, or a demand but however it called to you, you have answered in turn. From across the planes you all approach the looming walls with the same go... continue reading

Action, Dungeon-crawler, Survival, Arena, Roleplaying, Violence, Mild gore mentions

Giant Monsters and PR Disasters

Tiny Supers
by Jim Lee

With your incredible gifts, be a beacon of hope for humanity! Defend the city, keep the populace safe, appear on posters, sell merchandise, oh, and fight off Kaiju, all without swearing in front of the press or breaking character in public. All in a day’s work for five superheroes continue reading

Superheroes, celebrity personas

Cybercork 2063: Soul-Shilled

Cyberpunk Red
by Matthew Quill

The year is 2063, in a world ruled by megacorps, where cybernetic augmentation has run rampant. A new tech startup called eNeFTee has arrived on UCC campus, to promote their wares, namely non-fungible Agent Assistants, personal avatars for your smart device. They’ve proven to be a huge hit with students, so much so that some have even signed up ... continue reading

Cyberpunk, dystopian, mystery, tense, violence, gore, psychological horror (18+)

Trail of Cthulu: A Figure Drawn in Dust

Trail of Cthulu
by Gerry McEvoy

“TERRIBLE TRAGEDY AT ARCHAEOLOGICAL DIG AT FORT WILLIAM. PROFESSOR MORSON DEAD. FOUL PLAY LIKELY. COME AT ONCE. A FRIEND.” A cryptic telegram brings you into the Scottish Highlands to investigate the mystery of Professor Morson – but who sent it, and why? What fate awaits in the shadow of the stones? A Lovecraftian folk horror scenario, using ... continue reading

Lovecraftian, folk horror, investigation, 15+


Tales of Toholon: Last Refuge of the Scoundrel

High Card
by Shane Carr

Less than a year ago, the Tokugawan Patriots were storming government buildings and executing capitalist samurai, certain their morals and liberated superweapons would bring victory and a glorious future to their nation. Today, their last few commanders are gathered in an isolated castle on an island far from their homeland. They’ve lost their S... continue reading

Political Violence, Disfigurement, Implied Body Horror, Steampunk, Kaiju, Militarism, Idealism vs Realpolitik, Mad Science

Long Live the King

Seven Rivers
by Seven Rivers

Not many rulers have made it to 60 years on the throne, even fewer without the aid of magic. Florian II has invited all of Lynara to the great city of Ormm in celebration of his 60th year as King. The streets will be flooded with people from all over the region, and even beyond, bringing stories and sharing their culture in what promises to be t... continue reading

City of No Flag Game: 18 Badlands Adventures

by Paul Chambers, Lorcan Gaughan & David Hayes

Being a tough space pirate is hard, especially nowadays with the great spacial powers muscling in on your territory, but you are still eking out a living raiding ships and selling their cargoes. And that is where Numidia comes in. Numidia, the Free Port of Carthage, is a place to dock your ship and sell all your ill gotten gains. For a mercenary... continue reading