The Treasure of Dag Dreadmaw

D&D 5E
by Daragh McGrath

An original D&D Adventure for LV3 characters Our heroes set sail for the jungle island of Mast Grave in search of the treasure of the notorious Dragonborn buccaneer Dag Dreadmaw, who used the island as his secret stash, but disappeared decades ago after being mutinied by his crew. According to rumours there are still riches to be had, as th... continue reading

Horror elements

The Other Tale

The Other Storytelling System
by Ian Power

Once upon a time- No! it starts, There was and there was not…- NO! it goes Beyond seven mountains, beyond seven forests… But there are many ways a story can begin, as many ways for it to end, and oh so many ways for it to go in between. How will your story go? Will you escape in the nick of time, shoot someone with Chekov’s crossbow or perhaps ... continue reading

Combat injuries, interaction with deity, death

The Bonfire Night Terror at Camp Riverbend

Little Fears: Nightmare Edition
by Origon

It’s the final night at Camp Riverbend, the legendary once a summer bonfire sleepaway! However, some of the older kids at camp are trying something daring this year. They’re head to the old abandoned camp grounds to try and see the ghost of the first scout master who supposedly drowned on the very first bonfire night, over 50 years ago. So clutc... continue reading

Child endangerment and child death, bullying

FIST: The Systematic Mirage

by Bryan Devane

About the scenario: 2nd of June 1986: The former Oxford professor of Biology Professor Howard Brain shocked the world when he retired to a recently purchased land plot in northern Brazil in 1973 at the age of 38. Since then however, he has made groundbreaking discoveries in all manner of scientific fields. The scientist has become a notorious re... continue reading

Violence, blood, animal harm, drug use, body horror

Snow Falls at Kyuden Shinjin

Legend of the Five Rings 4th Edition
by Siskey

Winter has arrived in Rokugan, a time of rest when samurai sets aside blade and peasant puts down their burden. Not everyone can rest, however. You have all ended up in a remote pass of the Seikitsu Mountains, at the castle Kyuden Shijin, on the trail of a great evil. You have been welcomed, as hospitality demands, but you cannot feel at ease in... continue reading

Mention of violence towards animals


D&D 5E
by Fergal Monster

You were heroes. You got betrayed. You died. Reality died. That’s not the end. You clawed your way out of the void, back through time. You’re not exactly you anymore. You’re fragments of power, memories and vendettas. Your time is running out, but you will have continue reading

Revenge, identity loss, fantasy violence

Tales of Toholon - Rat in a Cage

Savage Worlds
by Shane Carr

A Savage Worlds Scenario for up to 6 Intelligent Rats The Crucible may have been fake, an experiment of a madman, hidden in non-existent space. But it was home, to you and thousands of others, led by beautiful leaders and dedicated to finding Truth. But now it’s all falling apart, rats turn to cannibalism and wage war over heresies. There is no... continue reading

Societal collapse, mental stress, mass hysteria and rioting

On Broken Wings

Red Giant
by Origon

Red Giant is a rules lite, dark fantasy TTRPG inspired by the likes of 80s anime such as Berserk, Claymore, and Vampire Hunter D. Explore the blasted lands of the Red Wastes, form pacts of power with Eldritch creatures, and scrape out your small existence among the few pockets of humanity still remaining. But remember always…. God is Dead. The E... continue reading

Insects, body horror, child endangerment, themes of mental illness and insanity

Lights Out!

by Rowland Cooper

Big sister Lex is away on a camping trip. She always brings back cool things when she goes on camping trips. Like last time she brought home a giant tooth on a string! And the time before that a pretty purple feather! We’re not allowed go into her room, but sometimes the twins do go in and play with her camping toys. She doesn’t seem to mind too... continue reading


It Waits in the Dark

by Ray O'Mahony

Bacchus Station, known colloquially as Backwater, is where careers go to die. A support station for a colony that needs no support, it’s a punishment posting for those who, in the eyes of the company at least, have squandered their potential. This is a station where nothing ever happens, or it was until the boxes. The mysterious cargo salvaged f... continue reading

Horror, violence

He's the Sheriff and We're Frozen in Here

Pathhfinder 2E
by Seán Leaney

Magic doesn’t work right in the Mana Wastes. Sometimes, when it works wrong, it makes something people want. You’ve taken on a contract to check out a mine where they’re digging one such something up; your bosses think they’re up to something, and the mining operation isn’t giving the full story. Unfortunately, the lawman who was looking after i... continue reading

Extreme cold, gun violence

Frunglecon 2021

Call of Cthulu 5E
by Colm Ryan

“It’s the Frungles!” - the hit web-comic-turned-animated-series-turned-multimedia-empire! Popular with kids, far more popular among adults, the 4th annual Frungle Convention has its date set for January 2021! We are sure you’re all concerned about COVID-19, and so we would like to assure you that all necessary safety measures are being provided... continue reading

STRONG HORROR ELEMENTS, disease & illness, COVID 19, potential child death, child abuse. kidnapping, missing children, cults, substance use, stalkers, drowning, veiled sexual content, blood & gore

Come Away oh Human Child

D&D 5E
by Brian Caball

It’s a fine morning in the village, except something is missing… no babies cry, no children laugh, no games are being played… no chores are being done! Where are all the kids? Is it some new trend you’re not hip to? Did some piper lure them away ‘cos you didn’t pay them for solving the rat problem? Did the Witch in the Woods lure them into her G... continue reading

Child kidnapping

Child's Play at Summerville Manor

Monsters and Other Childish Things
by Jamie Bowden

Since most of yous arrived at Foster’s Orphanium, you’ve known that mean neighboring rich kid, Lucy ‘Moneybrats’ Calvin and her mocking of yous for being Orphans, being poor and having ‘imaginary monster friends’. But now she’s begging for your help and offered 50 bucks, a BBQ and a year’s supply of chocolate milk. Your very real monstrous fri... continue reading

Traumatic backstories, insects, zombies, eldritch horrors from beyond time and space, dark magic, children in danger

The Case of the Great Ring: A Shires Out! Adventure

by Gareth Hunrahan

The Riding is the land of the Halflings. Twee, cheerful, lovely, silly, thoroughly cozy - apart from all the murders. When the nephew of local landowner and infamous troublemaker Bingo Bagshot is accused of his murder, he has nowhere to turn - except a fellowship of amateur detectives… continue reading

Murder, tea and crumpets


Trail of Cthulu 2E
by Gareth Hanrahan

Whitney swore it was a winged creature, and that it flew past him - right in the door of the house! But when the storm passed and the light returned, the house was empty. Where did it go? Was it ever there at all? What came down from the sky in the storm? continue reading

Ghosts, existentialism


The Summit of Chimes

by Cael O'Toole

It is Christmas 1913, or for the citizens of the Fifth City, Christmas 1899 yet again. Tensions on both the Surface and the Neath have been escalating, and many of the factions of London have banded together to preserve their influence. Now, the 6 most powerful groups, and an assortment of outsiders, have been invited to a summit at the House of... continue reading

Potential violence, mild horror elements, magical capitalism

7 Rivers: The Red Sands of Tenthos

by Rowland Cooper

Since the attack at the Grand Masquerade, word has spread of the shapeshifting dragon supposedly known as ‘Drake’. There is some confusion among the veterans of the Corruptant War half a century ago, as the Drake they knew then was an honourable sort, but the carnage left in the dragon’s wake tells a different story. Over the past few months alm... continue reading

It's For Your Own Good

by Eimear and Allan

In 604, the Khadoran Empire launched a full-scale invasion of the nation of Llael, sweeping aside the Llaelese military and leaving only a fierce but fading resistance in its wake. Llael’s lush farmland and prodigious alchemical production capability fell to the invaders, crushed beneath a tide of the motherland’s soldiers and their hulking warj... continue reading

Strong themes of partition and colonialism

Instrument of Surrender

by Siofra Ní Lochlainn

Revachol has fallen. Eight years ago, the people rose up, ousting the monarchy in a bloody revolution. For six years, in the Commune of Revachol, all were equal. All were free. But it was not to last. A Coalition of Nations was assembled, to crush the communards and bring them to heel. Their airships came, and rained fire from the sky. Troops s... continue reading

War crimes, vicious ideological conflict