It's For Your Own Good

In 604, the Khadoran Empire launched a full-scale invasion of the nation of Llael, sweeping aside the Llaelese military and leaving only a fierce but fading resistance in its wake. Llael’s lush farmland and prodigious alchemical production capability fell to the invaders, crushed beneath a tide of the motherland’s soldiers and their hulking warjacks. Shortly after, the noble nation of Cygnar declared war, invading to ‘reclaim’ Llael, only fanning the flames of war in the beleaguered landlocked nation.

Over the years, half of western Immoren has been drawn into the conflict in some way or another. Now, weary after years of fighting, the great powers of the Iron Kingdoms have stepped up to the negotiating table to bring a lasting peace to Llael… and decide who might walk away with control of her land and resources.

A game of negotiation, politicking, and mapmaking for 12-16 players set in the Iron Kingdoms setting.