7 Rivers: The Red Sands of Tenthos

Since the attack at the Grand Masquerade, word has spread of the shapeshifting dragon supposedly known as ‘Drake’. There is some confusion among the veterans of the Corruptant War half a century ago, as the Drake they knew then was an honourable sort, but the carnage left in the dragon’s wake tells a different story. Over the past few months almost every lead after Drake seems to have dried up, save for one that points to the deserts of Stenthos. A string of thefts of Stenthan sacred opal relics has them threatening to expel foreign traders. On top of that, a small, but growing, number of their famed berserkers have been going into fits of unbridled rage, seemingly at random, and a dragon that fits Drake’s description is rumoured to have been attacking small Stenthan outposts. This is leading to some political tension between Stenthos and Lynara, and is raising certain questions; namely: Who is behind these thefts, and will they get away with them? What is the secret of the berserkers, and why are they losing control now? What is Drake doing in the desert, and why is he attacking these peaceful folk?