Instrument of Surrender

Revachol has fallen.

Eight years ago, the people rose up, ousting the monarchy in a bloody revolution. For six years, in the Commune of Revachol, all were equal. All were free. But it was not to last. A Coalition of Nations was assembled, to crush the communards and bring them to heel. Their airships came, and rained fire from the sky. Troops swept in from the sea, driving the communards back until they crumbled.

Now, Coalition armies stand ready to vanquish the last revolutionary forces. The Revacholians have come to surrender, and Coalition are preparing to carve up the country between them. There are calls for blood, and old debts to be settled. In the end, what will remain of Revachol?

A PvP political larp for 12 players in the world of Disco Elysium. Setting knowledge not needed, there are some setting spoilers.