It Waits in the Dark

Bacchus Station, known colloquially as Backwater, is where careers go to die. A support station for a colony that needs no support, it’s a punishment posting for those who, in the eyes of the company at least, have squandered their potential. This is a station where nothing ever happens, or it was until the boxes. The mysterious cargo salvaged from a derelict hauler has piqued everyone’s interest. Your subordinates are accosting you at every turn with questions about what’s in the large sealed containers, but what can you say? The Company won’t tell you what’s inside. They just want them stored until the retrieval crew gets here. A simple job, but potentially a high value one. The hope creeps in. The hope that there’s a way of turning this job into a way off this junk heap. That’s when the alarms start blaring. That’s when everything goes to hell.