Frunglecon 2021

“It’s the Frungles!” - the hit web-comic-turned-animated-series-turned-multimedia-empire! Popular with kids, far more popular among adults, the 4th annual Frungle Convention has its date set for January 2021!

We are sure you’re all concerned about COVID-19, and so we would like to assure you that all necessary safety measures are being provided and we have been granted permission by the local government to run at full capacity.

So sit back! Check out the merch hall and traders, join our Frungloompa card game tournament, play in the ball pit, and get exclusive time with the creators and visionaries behind The Frungles! Remember - “Frungle me, Frungle you, we’re all Frungle together!”

Oh… and please keep an eye on your kids! It’s a big convention centre, so if you find you’re missing someone, please head to the Help Desk.