FIST: The Systematic Mirage

About the scenario: 2nd of June 1986: The former Oxford professor of Biology Professor Howard Brain shocked the world when he retired to a recently purchased land plot in northern Brazil in 1973 at the age of 38. Since then however, he has made groundbreaking discoveries in all manner of scientific fields. The scientist has become a notorious recluse refusing any and all interviews in favour of putting greater focus on his research. This is what the world at large knows about the professor.

However, as soldiers for hire of the Freelance Infantry Strike Team (FIST) you know a little more you know that in 1985 Howard formed a think tank composing of like minded scientific individuals after about one year into their research one of these scientists anonymously contacted FIST expressing concern for the safety of the citizens of the surrounding area and offering a large amount of money for FIST’s aid in stopping professor Brain’s plans. It is your mission, as agents of FIST to arrive at the facility of professor Brain and intercept his plans whatever those plans may be. Good luck, agent

About the system: FIST is a powered by the apocalypse and OSR inspired RPG inspired by video games like Metal Gear Solid, comics like Doom Patrol and TV shows like the A team you play as plucky scrappy mercenaries in a rules light system that encourages lying, cheating and stealing as much as possible to get the edge over your enemies