Cybercork 2063: Soul-Shilled

The year is 2063, in a world ruled by megacorps, where cybernetic augmentation has run rampant. A new tech startup called eNeFTee has arrived on UCC campus, to promote their wares, namely non-fungible Agent Assistants, personal avatars for your smart device. They’ve proven to be a huge hit with students, so much so that some have even signed up to be brand ambassadors for the mysterious corporation, getting free products for advertising them on the Data Pool. Some student societies such as WARPS and NetSoc have even taken an interest in partnering with the company, to provide exclusive items to members of these societies. However, things have taken a dark turn, as these students have started to go missing, shortly after joining up. The Students Union has not turned a blind eye to this, and has hired a group of young Edgerunners to solve the case, and find the students.