City of No Flag Game: 18 Badlands Adventures

Being a tough space pirate is hard, especially nowadays with the great spacial powers muscling in on your territory, but you are still eking out a living raiding ships and selling their cargoes. And that is where Numidia comes in. Numidia, the Free Port of Carthage, is a place to dock your ship and sell all your ill gotten gains. For a mercenary, it is a great place to get a contract for an upcoming war or raid. For a merchant, it’s a great place to pick up good that fell of the back of a trading ship, or an artefact of some ancient culture. That is the point of Numidia. It is just so full of Adventures

City of No Flag is an ongoing LARP for 26 players set in the City of No Flag Universe. A fun well-structured verse with lore that is both GM and Player lead.